Your contact lists are one of the best ways in which you can reach new market opportunities and convert those who are interested in what you do into clients. But just having a list of names and emails won’t get you very far. You also need to know more about your contact so that you can target them with information that matters to them.

Content upgrades get your contacts – and valuable info about those who get them

One of the best ways of adding to your contact lists is by offering targeted content upgrades. Content upgrades are offers of enhanced or in-depth content that your website visitors can get for free – provided they sign up. This might sound simple, but…

Getting it all wrong

Getting your opt-in strategy right takes a lot of thought and precise targeting of your website visitor. Generic newsletters or reports, simply aren’t going to hit the spot. Generic pop ups and forms are simply ignored by most of your website visitors. When I see this kind of strategy at work, I really want to reach out and help. That’s why I decided that the time is ripe to discuss content upgrade strategies that really work to get you more opt-ins and more followers.

Getting it right

Targeting and market segmentation are the keys to a successful list building strategy. If you’ve produced content about e-commerce as well as content about Adwords, you can’t offer the same content upgrades for both types of subject matter. They simply wouldn’t have enough relevance.

So you will be offering ‘upgraded’ content – something that people can sign up for in order to receive it, but how can you do this effectively?

By offering real value, you’ll soon find that you get more people leaving their details and becoming genuine sales prospects. You can offer such extras as:

  • A free online course
  • A handy spreadsheet
  • A checklist
  • An e-book
  • A video or podcast
  • A printer-friendly version of your post

An effective content upgrade strategy will provide you with enhanced levels of prospect opt-ins. To achieve this, you have to offer both relevance and value. Of course, your public content has to be strong enough to stand alone, but you will go a step further and offer upgraded content that has been designed to interest your specific visitor and their targeted field of interest too.

You’re going to offer your reader something extra – something they’ll be so excited about that they feel they simply have to have it – but they have to leave their details to get it. To generate this level of engagement, you can’t offer something that’s too generic. It must be laser-targeted to match your prospective client’s interests.

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