Case Study

The Problem

Declining sales led the client to ROI Escalator. After switching domain names, the client saw a significant market share loss that worsened every month, including a drop-off among even their most loyal customers. hired ROI Escalator to reclaim the lost market share, as well as find and convert new audiences.

The Solution

By expanding the client’s reach into new platforms, including Facebook, we saw great success in growing awareness and growing the market reach, in addition to recapturing the lost market share.

In addition to Facebook, we optimized the existing Google Shopping presence, designing profitable campaigns that advertised ‘top priority’ items first. Our advanced product labeling method assigns a priority level to every item determined by’s price advantage; this enabled us to build dynamic, active campaigns.

The Results

After two months of optimization, achieved an all-time high sales record in December 2016 — after 10 months of steady decline. sales increased 42% between December 2015-December 2016. Their average return on media investment was 500%.

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