The Problem

The client is a Brooklyn-based startup selling fashionable South American-style sneakers and other miscellaneous fashion products. Inkkas contacted ROI Escalator while dealing with a great financial and logistical challenges which negatively impacted both their sales volume and ability to scale.

The Solution

We had two goals, to create a brand marketing identity from scratch and to scale up campaign reach to new platforms and networks — while maintaining positive ROI.In order to improve conversion rates, we emphasized the Inkkas web experience, making drastic changes to the website layout, product order, CTAs, and most importantly, “trust” elements.

After seeing a 300 % increase in converting users into buyers, we were able to expand our marketing campaigns and increases sales volume while preserving ROI.

Initial campaign successes gave Inkkas the financial ability to expand both their collection and their staff. The client began this project with so little available cash that ROI took their media spend budget upon themselves in order to allow the client to continue advertising and selling, an action that saved the company from closing and allowed them to become a market leader in the Peruvian fashion market — ultimately leading to their purchase by a major US investor.

The Results

After four years of working with Inkkas, we’ve taken the brand’s monthly revenue from a few thousand dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars — from seed stage to an impressive exit.



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