The Problem

Facing a shrinkage crisis in the UK PPI reclaims market, our client was dealing with rising costs per lead in a hypercompetitive market. The client reached out to ROI Escalator to combat the growing costs per click while maintaining the number of leads required to sustain his business.

The Solution

Careful analysis of the competitors’ Google AdWords campaigns allowed us to develop a low-cost, highly targeted PPC campaign strategy. Our keyword analysis was the foundation of a plan to increase campaign effectiveness, a goal measured by lowered cost per click, increased landing page conversion rates (including an A/B testing process), decreased cost per lead, and increased number of leads overall.

Applying Google’s newest targeting methods to our cross-network plan built a multiple touchpoint strategy, portraying our client’s brand as a powerful market player in the UK financial industry, where size is important.

The Results

A 1000 % increase in the number of leads without increasing cost-per-lead — and in some cases, even seeing a cost decrease. The client was able to scale performance up and improve profitability.

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