In this article we are going to help you save yourself from the heartache and headache that so many of us have gone through when we took our first steps in this niche. Take the time to read it because it will really help you.

No false promises!

You are looking to have a successful business. Sometimes we want to bring in the clients so badly that we may advertise something as free or for cheap, but in the fine print they will have to spend a bunch of money. This can really hurt your reputation later on. Try and stay as up front as possible and provide a good service. Your clients will appreciate this and will trust you and will come back for more. Also adding a feature where clients can leave feedback will boost your trustworthiness and overall feel.

Don’t use pictures that have nothing to do with your products on your creative or ads.

A crying baby on your ad if you are selling jewelry or a sleeping dog if you are selling software just won’t do the trick. Remember that the pictures catch the eyes of your potential client. You want to pass a message across. Try choosing pictures that have relevance.

Don’t be like everyone else…

You are unique! Don’t try to create the same advertisements like everyone else or have the same president’s day sale like all the other stores in your genre. Think out of the box! Be different! And your clients will know that this is a special store! Not just the same as all the others.

Always represent your product and not yourself!

Some people think that’s a lovely picture of themselves on the ad will bring in the clients. Well, it is actually proven that it works the other way around! The clients don’t know who you are and will probably never know. It can come across as egotistical and desperate.

Rotate your creatives

When you bombard the same websites with your non stop ads you get something called “overexposure”. This means that your ad actually does not register in the potential buyer’s mind. The best example for this is your home. If you look at the ceiling right now for 2 minutes, you will notice things you never saw before. Because it is always there so you just don’t bother looking. The same happens with overexposed ads. So try and use frequency capping where you can decide how many times the same IP will be shown your ad within 24 hours. When advertising it’s very important to rotate you creative to prevent ad fatigue.

Don’t be Mr. Know it all

Take a step back, think like a client! What would you want to see as a client? What would make you feel safe? What would pique your interest? What would make you buy? These are all extremely important questions you need to ask yourself. Sometimes we get carried away thinking we know how to sell and what to sell and we are the bomb! But getting into your client’s shoes just for a short while will help you connect with them a lot better.

Don’t try and be a smartass!

Being funny and clever is awesome, but don’t overdo it. You don’t want visitors on your site you want buyers! Informative, persuasive and memorable ads will be much more efficient for you.

Don’t ignore your data.

Data can be collected from banners, landing pages and your store. This data can teach you so much about your effect and results. Analyzing your data will help you see what banners and landing pages work best for you and create most sales.

Invest in high quality content!

Attract and retain your customers by creating relevant and interesting content for them. By writing articles or blog posts that interest your clients they will keep coming back for more.

Keep your website and stock up to date.

The worst thing for a user is coming to your website and not being able to purchase what they want. if you have products that are best sellers you will want to keep a certain amount of them in stock so that you don’t get caught without them. Your clients will appreciate your efficiency.

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